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David Loitz's Art Dreams

A collection of my own art work and inspiration from other artists. Part of My Art Education Endorsement at Goddard College.


Nusret Çolpan (October 1, 1952 – May 31, 2008) was a Turkish painter, architect and miniaturist, renowned for his paintings in Ottoman miniature style depicting cities around the world, particularly Istanbul. He painted over 300 miniatures in his 30 year career…The harmony of spirals in clouds and general forms created his unique style. He avoided repainting old miniatures and managed to paint present time in the main concepts of miniature. He implemented miniatures on tiles [for the] first time. He continued on the way of his teacher Suheyl Unver and after centuries of neglect reapproched people with the art of miniature.”  (x)

His “700 Years of Ottoman History” series is so unbelievably beautiful/intricate as well, everyone should check that one out!!

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3.24.2014 oceanlake, oregon (small moments series)

shot at oceanlake, oregon
part of the small moment series

Directed by
David Loitz

Andy Goldsworthy

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Luigi Prina, 83 years old, has been an architect for more than 50 years. He has been interested in aircraft modelling since a very young age. via National Traveller

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